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Benefits of a Foam Mattress

Besides touting those hilariously cheesy infomercials of a woman joyfully jumping up and down on the bed without spilling that iconic glass of red wine poised on the edge, memory foam mattresses have a lot to offer the average sleeper.

Your mother and all her friends have probably been telling you for years that you should get one — but why? What’s so great about memory foam mattresses? And why should you consider this mattress type over another?

From health benefits to creating an ideal sleeping environment, here are some of the reasons why a memory foam mattress could be the right type for you.

1. NASA Made It (So You Know It’s Good)
Originally developed in the mid-1960s, memory foam’s initial application was in NASA airplane seats. The renowned space organization created memory foam using a viscoelastic material, which is both soft and energy absorbent.

The intention was to implement the foam as protection against impact, but it turned out to be highly comfortable and has since been used in a wide range of practical applications (like mattresses).

2. It Hugs You Better Than
Memory foam is a temperature- and pressure-sensitive material, meaning it adjusts itself according to your body’s temperature and weight. So if your memory foam mattress feels like it’s hugging your body’s every nook and cranny — well, it is.

As the memory foam heats up from your body temperature, it softens and molds to your body for optimal comfort.

3. Memory Foam Can Provide Back Pain Relief
This temperature-responsive feature of memory foam is also advantageous for relieving back pain. Its ability to contour to your body means it can fill in space around “problem areas” (like the lower back) that don’t always get the support they need.