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How Thick Should a Mattress Be? What is the best and recommended thickness of a mattress?

A high-quality supportive mattress holds your body through thick and thin and carries your body through phases of your life. A supportive mattress helps you get up fresh and feel the mattress holding your body in sleep. Thick mattresses are associated with luxury, comfort, and a good night’s sleep.

Why does mattress thickness matter?

Since the mattress has to last a long time and support your body as good as day one, the right kind of mattress thickness is essential. Mattress thickness also directly correlates to the comfort and overall support that you get. For some people, a sinking or excessively contouring mattress might not be a preference. That is why mattress thickness and overall density in the material is essential for support. The thickness of each layer crafted for maximum comfort and support help uphold your body and provide comfort at the same time. However, the excess thickness isn’t suitable for your body or comfort, especially if the materials in place are low-quality.

Mattress Thickness Chart

There are no standard regulations on mattress thickness. Most high-quality mattresses are between 8 to 14 inches thick. The following list gives you an idea of how mattresses are grouped based on their thickness.

2 to 5 inches: Low profile mattresses
5 to 8 inches: Slim mattresses
8 to 12 inches: Standard mattresses
12 to 16 inches: Thick, deep, or tall mattresses
More than 16 inches: Extra thick, extra deep, or extra tall mattresses

What is the comfort layer, and how does it help?
The comfort layer helps make the mattress more suitable and plushier, or more suitable for the body to feel at ease. The comfort layer makes sure that even if your mattress is meant for support and firmness as its primary function, it can offer an immediate sense of calmness

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